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 Online Claim Registration
Dear Customer,
welcome to the Liebert e-Warranty website!
This site will represent your most useful tool to process your warranty claim quickly and easily.
The warranty period covers 24 months from the original purchase from Liebert or a Liebert dealer / reseller.
The faulty unit can be replaced with a brand new unit or a repaired unit.

Please follow the proposed steps to check warranty status and to submit your claim.

1 Before entering any data, please select model of your faulty UPS and go through our troubleshooting guide to check if your problem can be solved with our suggestions.

2 In case you do not find a solution, please enter part number and serial number of your faulty unit: the system will assist you to check warranty period and to provide complete information to submit the claim

3 Your claim will be registered and a ticket number will be assigned to your request. The ticket will generate a shipment order of a replacement for your faulty unit (or a request of further information if the claim is pending: in this case a warning under your ticket number will specify the information needed)

4 After processing, you will receive an e-mail with all the corresponding reference number, which you may use for follow-up or updates of the shipment of the replacement unit.

If you need further information or you wish to contact our Warranty Manager, please send an e-mail to:
download warranty rules
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